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Boat Loans for the Maine Fisherman | Loans & Refinancing Fishing Boats

See how affordable, flexible, and fast commercial fishing boat loans can help you chart a better course.

Machias Savings Bank personal bankers have written Maine boat loans for new and experienced commercial fishermen for over 150 years. In fact, we’ve financed fleets of boats across multiple generations of hardworking fishermen and women, from Cutler to Portland. We’re proud to support such an important part of our state’s heritage and economy.

After all, we love fresh-caught seafood and sunset cruises, too.

Over the years, we have seen again and again that for fishermen, a boat is much more than transportation or a business asset. A boat holds hopes for the future. It carries the value of a business. And always, it is a safe passage home.

Our relationship bankers know that any commercial boat financing that ties fishermen to big monthly payments or inflexible terms also ties down their business and might even compromise their safety. We have spent many years developing boat loans Maine fishermen and cruise directors can use to purchase the right type of boat, keep it shipshape, and use to tide their business over during tougher times.


As fish populations ebb and flow and fisheries are regulated or closed, fishermen may find themselves going further and further from shore or fishing for different types of fish than they have in the past. When their small commercial fishing boat no longer handles as well or holds as much as they need, they are often tempted to just tough it out or may be prevented from trying something new. Placing a large cash down payment to build or buy a new boat or purchase a new permit can feel like too much of a reach when prices for their catch fluctuate or the future feels uncertain.


How old is your boat? How much fuel does it burn? How up-to-date is your equipment? Setting out in a strong, safe, seaworthy vessel is essential to your success, but keeping up with the maintenance and the unforeseen repairs can be hard to do. Many fishermen jerry-rig a temporary fix and just get on with the job. An affordable and flexible commercial fishing loan can be a great way to break that cycle.

Commercial fishing loans can do more than increase your capacity. They can be used to increase your safety. Whether you use your commercial boat loan to upgrade your existing boat’s mechanics or technology, buy a new (or newer used) boat, or build a new boat to spec, you are investing in more than your business. You are protecting the wellbeing of you and your crew—and all the loved ones you come home to.

Talk to your local Machias Savings Bank lending advisor about using a commercial fishing loan as a life jacket for your business.


Constantly changing regulations. Fluctuating prices and fish populations. Small commercial fishing boats face strong headwinds in our state and to work Maine’s waters today, you have to learn to keep your balance and your bearings in some pretty rough conditions. But on a clear day when the fish are biting and the lobsters are trapping, it’s all worth it.

Commercial boat financing can be one way to smooth out the waves and better weather those storms. For instance, your personal banker can show you how you can access equity from your fishing boat in leaner times. Think of all those moments when a little extra cash could give you so much more confidence and preparation for the voyage ahead, allowing you to stock up supplies at the start of your season, planning for engine repairs, or early closings in the scallop beds.

Machias Savings Bank relationship bankers work closely with Maine fishermen and women to keep an even cash flow for their company and their crew. And we don’t just help you open a credit line! We can help you refinance old debts into lower payments and we can help you structure a payment schedule that lets you off the hook at times of year when you are bringing in the catch but don’t yet have the cash.

We know what’s on the wish list of a small commercial fishing boat owner: affordable rates, flexible terms, and fast closings. We designed our boat loans to deliver—fast. You won’t waste your season sitting in our offices or filling out paperwork. We will get you back out on the water in a boat you love and a loan that helps you build your business.

Sit down with a Machias Savings Bank business banker, share the challenges your business faces, and let us show you how a Maine boat loan can help.

FISHING BOAT FINANCING to move your business forward?

At Machias Savings Bank, approving affordable, flexible, fast commercial fishing loans is about more than finding a way forward; it’s financing our wonderful Maine way of life and Moving Maine Forward Together.

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