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We are continuing to accept new applications for SBA PPP Loans. Click here.

Increased branch drive-up hours beginning Friday, May 1st. All locations will be open (with the exception of Portland and Ellsworth Mill Mall) 8:00 AM-4:00 PM.


By following this link, you will be leaving Machias Savings Bank's website. You may CONTINUE on or STAY here at our website.


By following this link, you will be leaving Machias Savings Bank's website. You may CONTINUE on or STAY here at our website.


By following this link, you will be leaving Machias Savings Bank's website. You may CONTINUE on or STAY here at our website.


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Our Commitment to Business:

Maine’s Business Owners, including Sole Proprietors, Self-Employed, Contract Employees, and 1099 workers are the backbone of our economy. This page will continue to provide you with updates on individual resources and relief programs, as well as keep you apprised of what Machias Savings Bank is doing for Maine’s business community statewide, as we focus on building resilience together.

If you have already submitted an application, you are not eligible to apply again.

This is What’s Important to Know Now:

The SBA released Forgiveness Guidelines and an Application on Saturday, May 16, 2020.

Please review the application for your educational purposes, but do not fill it out. We will be reaching out to our customers regarding the application process. Become familiar with the documentation requirements on page 10 so you’ll be well prepared with documents in hand for submission. Click here for the SBA PPP Forgiveness Application and Requirements

SBA PPP Program:

As part of the Federal CARES Act, the SBA Payroll Protection Program (PPP) was created. An initial round of $349 billion dollars was offered across the country, and fully expended. MSB is proud to have secured $146 million for 1,284 Maine businesses, with a 95% approval rate.

Congress has approved $320 billion total in extra funding for the PPP, of which $250 billion is unrestricted and $60 billion will go to smaller financial institutions. Just as with the first round, we expect these funds to go quickly.

If You Have Already Submitted an Application and Have been notified that you were approved for an SBA PPP Loan through Machias Savings Bank, or have already closed on your SBA PPP loan, please scroll down for information on Forgiveness Guidelines.

If You Have Already Submitted an Application and Have Not been notified you were approved or denied, your application is in queue, and will be filed in the order in which it was successfully processed. There is no need to reapply. We will let you know, as soon as we know.

If You Have Not Applied and Want to:

Apply NOW if you understand your eligibility, documentation requirements, and forgiveness guidelines. Your email address and your phone number are the two most important pieces of information as we may need to contact you with any questions and will have you sign electronic documents. Please make sure you include your phone and email.

In addition to all businesses and nonprofits that were eligible in Round 1, newly eligible applicants include but are not limited to Self Employed Individuals with NO EMPLOYEES. Please review information below to determine your eligibility, maximum loan amount, and required paperwork.

Click Here to determine your maximum PPP loan amount and to review further documentation requirements.

 You may need to provide the following documentation with your application

  • If you are a sole proprietor, please attach your 2019 Form 1040 Schedule C (line 31 in particular is used to calculate income) - (a draft copy is acceptable)
  • The last 12 months payroll totals or 2019 payroll totals to verify your annual payroll costs (if applicable)
  • The last 12 months health insurance totals or 2019 health insurance totals to verify your annual health insurance costs (if applicable)
  • The last 12 months retirement plan contribution totals or 2019 retirement plan contribution totals (if applicable)

These documents can be attached electronically within the application below or can be submitted with your printed application.

If you are printing documents and submitting, please print the following PDF Application and return all materials to your Branch Manager or Relationship Banker. Don’t forget to include a valid email address and phone number on the application. 

Please be patient as you wait for processing. We are working diligently to upload applications on a first come first serve basis, prioritizing our existing customers first.

Existing Customers Apply Here

New Customers Apply Here

Already applied and approved for your SBA PPP loan? Learn how to Qualify for Forgiveness.

PPP Loan Forgiveness

If you have been notified that you were approved for an SBA PPP Loan through Machias Savings Bank, or have already closed on your SBA PPP loan, please keep the following forgiveness guidelines in mind. These are only guidelines as we know them now. We will communicate throughout the next eight weeks, as requirements are subject to change.

The SBA and Federal government continue to clarify, as well as change the rules and regulations regarding CARES Act funding and relief loan forgiveness.

  • The PPP offered a potentially 100% forgivable “loan” that provided you with 2.5 months reimbursement for what you spent on payroll or similar in 2019, with the expectation that you use 75% of the loan to pay for 2.0 months of payroll or certain other eligible expenses, starting as soon as you received the loan. If you use the funds as required, you can apply for up to 100% loan forgiveness; even if the money isn’t forgiven, the resulting loan has a 1% interest rate.
  • Machias Savings Bank cannot guarantee your loan forgiveness.
  • "Forgiveness" is certainly an important aspect of this relief initiative and as your bank, getting you to that point is our goal. However, our ultimate objective is to protect the long-term health of your business. A reminder; if not forgiven, this is currently a 1% loan, with a two-year payback period, and no collateral or personal guarantee.

Business Loan Needs.

If you need to apply for a new commercial loan, modify an existing loan, or defer a payment in order to secure the long-term financial health of your business, please contact Customer Service at 1-866-416-9302, you’re a member from your local branch team.

Restarting Maine’s Business Economy:

We understand the vital importance of restarting Maine’s economy to you and your business. To learn more about when various industries across the State will be allowed reopen, please access Governor Mills’ rollout plan and new executive order, “Stay Safer at Home.”

Distance Banking Options for Businesses

computer_iconBusiness Online (eCorp): Access your account by navigating to the top of this page. Online features include viewing accounts, real time stop payments, paying bills, transferring funds and more.

smartphone_iconMSB Biz: Deposit checks, pay bills and check your balances, quickly and securely, virtually wherever and whenever you want with our mobile app. Download app here in the Apple App Store click here or with GooglePlay click here.

atm_iconATM: Machias Savings Bank is a proud member of MaineCash Access with more than 200 ATM locations available-surcharge free. For a listing of MaineCash Access locations, click here. At Machias Savings Bank ATM locations, you can deposit or withdraw funds and check balances.

phone_iconMSB Phone Banking: Access to your account by calling 1-800-982-7179 where you can transfer funds, check funds availability and more.

headset_iconOur Cash Management Team: can set you up with remote deposit capture. Please give them a call at 1-866-773-9394.

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