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For the best experience, we ask that you switch to the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. If you would like to access your accounts before updating your browser, you can follow the links below.

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Why Update Your Browser and Operating System?

We understand that updates can sometimes be a hassle, but they are crucial for ensuring your devices’ security, performance and compatibility. So, before you dismiss those update notifications, let’s unravel why staying updated is essential.

Digital Home Improvement

You wouldn’t leave a hole in your wall, would you? It would leave your home open to being an easy target for a robber or prying eyes (“Hi-di-ho, neighbor!”). Similarly, your electronic devices are a digital home of sorts, housing important information. Updating your browser and operating system on your devices is like having someone patch the digital holes in the wall, so hackers can’t see your personal information or pop in unannounced.

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Wait! Watch Out for Fake Update Messages

Beware Tech Support Scams: No reputable technology company including Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Norton will notify you that your PC is infected. Do not fall for their scary popup warnings, calls, or texts! If you suspect your device is infected, contact a local known local or national device repair firm.

Spot Phishing Tricks: Be the digital detective and stay vigilant against phishing attempts. Look out for suspicious emails or links that ask for your banking info — and even fraud text alerts. When in doubt, don’t click, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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How to Update Your Browser and Operating System

Ready to start updating? Learn more about your respective browser and operating system and how you can update them:


Google Chrome

The ever-reliable companion for web surfing. Updating Chrome is as easy as a few clicks, ensuring you always ride the digital waves effortlessly.


Microsoft Edge

The sleek and savvy browser from the tech giants. With regular Microsoft Edge updates, you’ll have the latest features at your fingertips, making browsing a breeze.



The browser known for its speed and flexibility. With quick and painless Firefox updates, you’ll enjoy a smooth digital ride.



The tech wonder crafted for Apple enthusiasts. Keeping Safari updated is like giving your Mac a breath of fresh digital air.



Updating Windows is a piece of cake, ensuring your PC is fortified against digital invaders.


macOS on Mac

For all the Mac lovers out there, updating macOS is like giving your beloved Apple device a digital hug. Stay in sync with the latest tech trends.

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