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Fake Check Scams

Millions of consumers are being tricked into accepting genuine-looking checks and money orders and wiring money to fraudsters.

With these scams, the checks or money orders are fake. You’re out the money.

Although funds can be made available by your favorite bank, that does not guarantee the deposited check or money order is good. You are liable for repaying the bank if checks or money orders cashed or deposited are counterfeit.

Common Fake Check Scams:

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Sweepstakes, Lottery, and Grant Fraud:

An individual receives a check or money order with instructions to wire a portion to pay taxes or administrative fees. The odds of a Publisher’s Clearing House representative showing up with a check is approximately 1 in 6.2 billion. Much better odds that a scammer will contact you.


Unexpected Emails or Texts

Like a rogue wave, phishers love the element of surprise. Take a breath…how would you expect your bank to contact you?



The “employee” processes payments for a foreign business with instructions to deduct their pay from a check or money order and wire the rest to their “employer.” Initial contact is often via social media, including Linked In and Facebook.

Here Are Some Tips:


Tip 1

No legitimate sweepstakes or lottery will send you a check or money order and ask you to send payment in return. Taxes are always paid directly to the government.


Tip 2

Do not pay for grants claiming to be from the government or foundations; grants do not charge.


Tip 3

Never cash checks and send the money somewhere as part of a job working from home. Legitimate employers do not operate that way.


Tip 4

Always be extra cautious when sending money via ACH or Wire to anyone you have not met in person.


Tip 5

When in doubt please contact the Machias Savings Bank Customer Service Department at 1-866-416-9302.

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