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Security Center

Your Security Is Our Top Priority


Security Center

Protecting Your Private Information

You’ve got a lot in your life depending on you. Keeping up with family, friends, work, and your beloved pets leaves little time to focus on what you can do to protect your identity and your hard-earned assets.

The Machias Savings Bank Security Center provides simple steps you can take to stay protected from identity thieves and scammers.

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Scam Alerts

Knowledge is protection. Machias Savings Bank is committed to helping you combat fraud by raising awareness and sharing best practices.


Card Deactivation Scam

Learn More About Card Deactivation Scams
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Phishing, Smishing, and Vishing

Learn More About Phishing, Smishing, and Vishing
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Elder/Caregiver Scams

Learn More About Elder/Caregiver Scams

Gift Card Scams

Learn More About gift card scams
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Online Auto & Recreational Purchase Scams

Learn More about Online Auto & Recreational Purchase Scams

Work From Home Scams

Learn More about work from home scams

IRS Related Scams

Learn More learn more about irs scams

Social Media and Identity Theft

Learn More about Social Media and Identity Theft

Fake Check Scam

Learn More about Fake Check Scams
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Customer Support

Lost Or Stolen Card

If you need to report your ATM, debit, or credit card lost or stolen, please contact us as soon as possible so we can take the necessary steps to deactivate your card and prevent losses.

Contact Us Contact Us
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Voice ID

Easy and Secure

Voice ID is a security feature that verifies you by the sound of your voice when you call our customer service center, allowing fast and secure access to your account. Similar to a fingerprint, your voiceprint is unique to you and created from more than 100 different physical and behavioral characteristics such as pitch, accent, the shape of your mouth, and vocal tract.


Online Banking

Set Up Alerts

Alerts allow you to gain control of your account activity. We have preprogrammed alerts for potential fraud and password attempts. Other alerts are customizable, such as transaction history information and daily balance updates. You can pick which notifications you want, how often, and where you want to receive them: text or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does .BANK mean?
With cybercrime on the rise, Machias Savings Bank has made the move from the traditional .COM web domain to .BANK. This new web domain adds an additional layer of security by offering advanced security features that only verified members of the banking industry can use. Keeping your assets and information safe is Machias Savings Bank's #1 priority. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-866-416-9302.
  1. Offers a higher level of encryption
  2. Helps to prevent users from being redirected to a fake bank website
  3. Reduces the chances of receiving spoofed emails
What is VISA® Account Updater?

VISA® Account Updater (VAU) lets you enjoy a seamless transition of your Machias Savings Bank VISA® Debit Card information when your card is replaced due to expiring or experiencing a lost or stolen card. Doing the work for you, when your card number and/or expiration date changes, VAU automatically sends updates to participating merchants with whom you have set up recurring payments using your debit card - securely! That means no more long telephone calls to update card information and avoid declined payments.

Your debit card will be automatically enrolled in Visa Account Updater; there is nothing needed for you to begin using this service. If you wish to opt out of the Visa Account Updater, you may do one of the following:

Complete the online VISA Updater Opt-Out Form 

Call our Customer Service Team: 1-866-416-9302

Visit or call your local branch

Participation in VAU does not relieve you of the obligation to ensure that merchants have the correct account information on file; failure to do so may result in a declined payment. In addition, neither VISA nor Machias Savings Bank can guarantee that account updates will be communicated to merchants prior to the next billing date.

Customer Support Team Member

Customer Support Team

Have a question or need assistance? We are here to help!

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Educational Videos

We have step-by-step video tutorials that show you how to use our online and mobile banking tools to keep your accounts safe and secure.

Learn More View Educational Videos
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