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Is Your Maine Business Building Something New Or Are You Just Thinking About It? Learn How Construction Loans Really Work

Let the best bank for a construction loan in Maine help your business build on a firm financial foundation.

Construction mortgage loans* can help your business add capacity, improve safety, and put down deeper roots in your community—if your construction loans are structured correctly for your business goals.

“Building a new office building, factory, or venue can be the best thing you do for your business, or it can be the worst,” says Francine Cram, SVP, Team Leader in Business Banking. “Many companies walk into new construction without understanding just how complex and time-consuming it will be. Our construction loan experts are here to get you through it as quickly and affordably as possible.”

At Machias Savings Bank, we know most businesses deciding to build or renovate property are not experts in construction. That is why we offer much more than competitive commercial loan interest rates and seamless construction loan to mortgage loan transitions. We offer valuable and in-depth expertise in every aspect of commercial construction, as well as local insight into building locations, construction and zoning regulations, and skilled, trusted contractors and vendors.

“Every construction project is completely different,” Francine Cram says. “There is no one-size-fits-all new construction loan. That is why we take the time to get to know you and get to know your project. We tailor our commercial construction loans to our clients.”

If you are ready to build up your business with a Maine construction loan, what should you do?


A common misconception about commercial construction loans is that you need to have found a building site and an architect before you speak with a construction loan banker. In fact, the best time to speak to your lender about your Maine construction loan is pretty much the moment you decide you’re thinking of building.

Without talking to an experienced commercial construction loan advisor, businesses cannot be sure they have a realistic budget, a workable location, or a pragmatic timeframe. Making a mistake on any one of these components can be extremely costly and time-consuming. Speaking to a trusted lender first can get you better loan terms … and a better building.

“I want to talk to you before you have blueprints!” Francine Cram emphasizes. “No matter where you are in the process, the sooner we can speak the better your construction project will go. If we analyze your business plan, your cash flow documents, and your goals together, I can do much more than finance your dreams with a Maine construction loan. I can help you map out a plan that makes those dreams come true.”

Whether you are constructing a new coffee kiosk or beginning a complex, multi-phase development, the time to talk to Machias Savings Bank is now.

If your construction loan lender doesn’t want to speak to you until the project plans are set in stone, you are probably not working with a responsible lender. The best building loan bankers want to customize your construction loan to your project, and the sooner they can start that process, the more time and money they can save you. Call the bank that can’t wait to hear your plans and help you with them today!


When companies envision their construction project, they see groundbreaking ceremonies, soaring scaffolding, and grand opening celebrations in rapid succession. Experienced construction loan relationship bankers see long meetings with legal teams and zoning approval committees, petitions to planning boards, multiple revisions of blueprints, value engineering, and more.

“The pre-construction phase is often the hardest for our clients to visualize,” Francine Cram says. “And yet it is absolutely critical to get it right. Our clients know they can rely on us to protect their interests and problem-solve in the moment to keep their project moving forward on time and on budget. We are powerful advocates for your building and for your business.”

Machias Savings Bank commercial mortgage and construction loan experts have years of experience handling legal challenges, navigating complex environmental and safety regulations, rigorously analyzing budgets, and steering a project through challenges and roadblocks.


“Construction loans in Maine come with unique challenges,” Francine Cram explains. “Like the weather. You can’t ever predict a Maine winter but if you have lived here long enough you know what to expect—and how to prepare.”

National banks rarely have the interest or ability to customize a new construction loan around the quirks of Maine businesses and communities. For over 150 years, Machias Savings Bank has thrived doing exactly that. We understand seasonal cash flow and staffing fluctuations, Maine’s climate, the state’s many micro-economies and highly individualized real estate markets, and more.

Machias Savings Bank construction loans can be structured to smooth out seasonal income fluctuations, convert seamlessly from commercial building loans to commercial mortgages, and many more perks and adjustments designed to boost Maine businesses. We can also advise you on trusted contractors and vendors, and forge partnerships with other organizations to get a project done.

Machias Savings Bank can also help you choose the optimal time to apply for and secure your Maine construction loan and allow you to fix your interest rate from day one.

“Even with all these advantages, the best reason to choose Machias Savings Bank for your Maine construction project is that we want you to succeed as much as you do. You are improving and enhancing the communities we live in,” Francine Cram says. “We truly care.”


Machias Savings Bank may be from Maine, but our reputation—and our network—is national. You can expect your construction loan relationship banker to reach out to trusted and proven contacts in the SBA, 504 lenders, USDA local resources such as the Finance Authority of Maine, local CDC’s and various Economic Financing Agencies throughout the state; to bring in experts and resources from across the country when beneficial; and to offer nationally competitive construction loan interest rates.

Here’s the bottom line - If you’re thinking about building, or you want to learn more about the construction loan process, now is the right time to talk with us. Let’s build better. Right from the start.

Call us to learn more.

Francine Cram

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