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Making Maine Mobile Banking Simple, Seamless and Secure

Mainers are always on the move and now they have a mobile banking service that can keep up—and keep them moving forward. Our new online mobile banking program, MSB Online, offers a suite of state-of-the-art services, giving you unprecedented utility and functionality - From Everywhere.

The Maine mobile banking experience is taking a big leap forward as Machias Savings Bank rolls out MSB Online. Filled with game-changing functionality and customer-friendly features, MSB Online sets a new standard for our state—and sets our customers free to bank online how, and when they want.

How does mobile banking work? Better than ever.


MSB Online is a true omnichannel banking experience. What does that mean, exactly? That no matter what device you use to log on to your personal mobile banking or business mobile banking account—whether you use your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop or desktop—you will have the same tools, options, and services available to you, across each platform.

“At Machias Savings Bank, we believe in mobile banking how and when our customers want,” says Peggy Anderson, MBA, APRP, Vice President of Digital Services. “In Maine, you might be making a mobile banking deposit on a computer in an office, on a phone waiting to pick your kids up from school, or on a laptop propped on a truck hood at a construction site, potato farm, or bait shed. We make sure you can always access, and manage your money, anytime, anywhere.”


Cutting edge technology should make your life easier, not more complicated. MSB Online puts the full spectrum of online banking services into our new online banking app—a complete toolbox for online money management — right at your fingertips with no additional charges or fees:

  • Transaction history
  • Bill pay
  • Check images
  • Mobile bank deposit and mobile bank transfers
  • Linking to external bank accounts
  • Savvy Money for Credit Score Monitoring

Learn More about Savvy Money

All the tools you need to get the most from your money are right there on your digital dashboard with no additional cost or hassle.

“The ability to link to an external account gives our customers a whole new level of freedom,” Peggy points out. “You don’t have to have all of your money at Machias Savings Bank to have access to all of our mobile banking services. Linking to external accounts can also free you from having to use third-party mobile banking apps like Venmo or Zelle. If you often share expenses with trusted roommates or partners, you can link to their account from yours.”


“One of the new features we are most excited about is the new ability to swap out a debit or credit card,” says Peggy. “When a debit or credit card expires, it is the biggest hassle to update all of the subscription services and automatic billing agreements attached to it. MSB Online lets you swap your card for all your services in just a couple of clicks.”

MSB Online is banking for the way you live today.


MSB Online security settings add additional levels of confidence and protection that you can calibrate to your personal preferences. You can set a variety limits and be notified of pending deposits, withdrawals, large expenses, and more by phone, text, or email.


Most Maine businesses are small businesses, and national banks reserve many premium mobile banking services for big businesses only. With MSB Online, Machias Savings Bank becomes the first bank in Maine to offer small business ACH direct deposit.

“We truly trust and believe in small businesses,” Peggy says. “We worked hard to find a way to offer the power of ACH direct deposit to businesses who have not been allowed to access it in the past and we are so proud to be the first Maine bank to do so.”

MSB Online lets businesses fully automate accounts payable and pay employees and vendors through authorized and routed mobile deposits. Business owners can implement powerful controls to protect their interests while working with outside comptrollers and accountants to keep their company moving forward.

Eager to hear more about ACH access and other online mobile banking tools for your business? Talk to your personal relationship banker today about moving from MSB Biz to Mobile Banking MSB.


Many banks force you to choose between online mobile banking and in-person access to tellers and financial advisors. At Machias Savings Bank, we know there are times you want online mobile banking and times you prefer person-to-person advice and assistance. We don’t ask you to choose between your options. We give you your choice of options.

“Unlike other banks, Machias Savings Bank does not use chatbots or AIs to answer even basic questions online,” Peggy shares. “When you call our customer service line you call a relationship banker. If you open a chat, you chat with a relationship banker. You won’t get caught in phone menus, endless holds, or frustrating loops trying to get questions answered or problems solved.”

MSB Online also includes unlimited access to in-person banking. “Machias Savings Bank has offices all over the state of Maine. Our customers are our own friends and neighbors,” Peggy laughs. “We can’t wait to see you! We truly want to help you. If you need something, make an appointment or come on in.”


If you are frustrated by your mobile banking options or experience, it’s time to make the move to Machias Savings Bank MSB Online.




As a customer of Machias Savings Bank, the focus is on you. We will enhance your banking relationship by working with you to discover your banking needs. We will be there when you need us.


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