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Ready to Refinance Your Maine Mortgage? We Are!
How To Lower Payments, Reduce Interest and More.

Current mortgage rates in Maine have many Maine homeowners wondering if now is the right time to refinance. Our home mortgage refinance experts have the answers for you.

Leann Beal and Lisa Holmes, both VP’s and mortgage specialists at Machias Savings Bank, love helping Mainers get the most value from their homes. Refinancing personal Maine mortgages—whether to save money on interest or to reduce monthly payments—is one of their most powerful tools.

“When you see Maine mortgage rates get as low as they are right now, you can’t help but see opportunities for your clients,” Leann Beal explains. “Lower monthly payments, a shorter loan term, or the chance to consolidate other debts can be life-changing for Maine families.”

“Mortgage refinance rates get people’s attention,” agrees Lisa Holmes. “But just looking for the lowest mortgage refinance rate can get you burned. You need a bank that understands the true cost of a personal mortgage refinance—and makes sure you get the best experience and the most value.”


  • Machias Savings Bank makes sure you know and understand all your personal mortgage refinancing options

How can you be sure taking advantage of historically low mortgage refinance rates is in your best interest? Most big national banks are not going to take the time to talk through your personal financial goals before recommending a mortgage refinance. Machias Savings Bank mortgage specialists make it their mission to personalize your refinancing packages.

“We always give you several different scenarios,” explains Leann Beal. “You can see, at a glance, how different loan terms and mortgage rates in Maine will pay off for you over time. This helps our customers decide if they should take cash out during a refi, choose a term, or fixed or variable interest rates.”

“Maybe you need extra cash in your pocket each month because you have a new baby on the way or maybe you would prefer to have your house paid off more quickly because you are getting close to retirement,” adds Lisa Holmes. “And if you are not sure you will stay in your current home for at least three to five years after your home mortgage refinance, a home equity line of credit might be better for you anyway.”

“It comes down to this,” she continues. “A bank that doesn’t ask you why you want to refinance your home mortgage can’t give you the best advice about how to do it. Machias Savings Bank does.”

  • Apply—and close—your personal home mortgage refinance, completely online

Socially distancing? Spending your summer at the lake? Looking to move to Maine from out-of-state? Whatever the reason, Machias Savings Bank makes it easy to apply for a home mortgage refinance online. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s secure.

“Our snowbird clients love our online lending features!” raves Lisa Holmes. “They feel like they can take their trusted local Maine bank with them when they go south.”

“I’ve closed multiple mortgages for families across the country that I’ve never met in person,” laughs Leann Beal. “As long as you have a notary nearby, we can refinance your personal mortgage virtually.”

  • Machias Savings Bank makes lending decisions and closes loans FAST

“I think the biggest surprise for our clients who have worked with big national banks in the past is just how quickly we can approve and close a mortgage loan,” says Leann Beal. “And in a hot market or when home mortgage rates in Maine are dropping, our lightning speed does more than save you time. We save you money.”

At Machias Savings Bank, lending decisions are made by people and not by computer algorithms. We know that closing quickly puts more money in your pocket or puts a personal financial goal within reach. Our clients don’t spend stressful stretches of time wondering what will happen and when.

“At Machias Savings Bank, we specialize in making good things happen—and happen fast. In fact, if you already have a personal home mortgage with Machias Savings Bank there is no one that can refinance it faster.”

Do you know the benefits of having an existing Machias Savings Bank personal home mortgage? We make refinancing even easier for our in-house clients! You may be able to refinance your Machias Savings Bank home mortgage without title insurance or a new home appraisal—a significant savings in time AND money!

  • Machias Savings Bank goes the extra mile

Most big national banks will avoid personal home mortgages for properties held in trust or make the process harder for self-employed borrowers or borrowers with seasonal income. Machias Savings Bank thrives on these challenges and on the thrill of delivering for clients.

“We know Maine industries, Maine real estate markets, and Maine people. We know how to make good things happen for all of them,” says Lisa Holmes.

“We look for ways to approve your personal mortgage refinance, not decline it,” agrees Leann Beal.


Mortgage rates in Maine are low and our mortgage specialists are motivated. Now is the time to talk to a relationship banker about maximizing the value of your home.

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