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Short-Term Financing and Long-Term Relationships:
How To GROW...Not Just GO Through Tough Times.

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Hard times have a way of showing what you’re made of and at Machias Savings Bank, we’re made of particularly hardy, helpful and resourceful employees. For over 150 years, our Relationship Bankers have helped local Maine businesses make it through some of the toughest challenges our country and state have ever seen—from the 1918 influenza to the Great Depression to two World Wars. That experience and insight has proven particularly valuable to our communities as our Relationship Bankers have pitched in to help with everything from cash flow analysis and payment forbearance to short-term loans, interim financing, and gap financing.

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So, if you are a business owner seeing trouble ahead, what should you do?


While most Maine businesses are feeling the effects of concerns about the coronavirus, widespread recessions are not that common. Typically, a business faces a downturn alone or within their industry. So many things can happen: unforeseen delays in opening a new location or trouble getting a new product out to market. A temporary drop in demand, tariffs or trade wars, unexpected price fluctuations. Maybe there is a fire or flood, a loss of a key client, or a lawsuit.

When things aren’t going well it can be hard to admit there is a problem—and harder still to ask someone for help. That’s why our Relationship Bankers work so hard to build trust with our clients over time and keep lines of communication open in both good times and in bad.

“The sooner we hear from you, the sooner solutions can be developed,” explains Sean Daye. “Come in for a chat and a cash flow analysis before you need to borrow. Our business funding options are not all small business loans.”

Dean Clark agrees. “When we can look at your statement of cash flows early on, we can often suggest other ways to bring money in or slow the flow of money going out. Solutions like contacting vendors to extend terms or reaching out to clients to expedite payments work best when we put them to work fast.”

These proactive conversations are so powerful our relationship bankers often pick up the phone themselves. “With the recent decline in demand for lumber and saturated markets, we reached out to our logging clients to work on solutions to help weather the storm,” Dean Clark remembers.

Worried that things aren’t working out? Don’t let a temporary downturn get set in stone and drag you down. Our relationship bankers are always eager to talk—and listen. You don’t have to be a current customer or be looking for an interim loan to benefit from our expertise! Call and make an appointment today. Having a path forward brings so much peace of mind.


We know small business short term loans may not seem immediately appealing in a downturn. In fact, making payments on their existing small business loans is one of the first and most pressing problems business owners face in hard times.
When sales slow or stop and the outlook is uncertain, adding additional debt can feel like just adding additional stress.

Making the most of what you have is a true Maine skill—and Machias Savings Bank Relationship Bankers have mastered it. We can review your existing small business financing and fine-tune it for the financial challenges you are facing.

“Restructuring your current small business loans for your current climate can open up all kinds of business funding options,” says Dean Clark. “We can defer payments, extend the terms of the loan to reduce payments, introduce temporary interest-only payments, and more.”

“Remember, we are in this together!” Sean Daye emphasizes. “We don’t just want you to make your next payment. We want your business to make it.”

If making payments on your small business loan becomes a struggle, your relationship banker wants to know—and has real ways to help. An honest conversation about cash flow problems now can ease your mind and ease the pressures on your small business.


If short term business financing is the best choice to get your business through a challenge, there is no better team to help you and your business get it. Our small business loans are customized to every company we work with, have flexible, workable terms, and we can decide and close loans quickly to put cash back in your pockets.

“Our capacity to write small business loans increased dramatically over the past few months, thanks to the Payroll Protection Program (PPP),” Dean says. “Our entire organization stepped up to save small businesses, all across the state. Customer service reps trained to process small business loans over nights and weekends—and they did it from home!” he adds. “I have never been so proud to work here.”

“I have never seen a wave of small business financing applications all at once like that,” Sean remembers. “And we brought it on ourselves! When the first and second installments of PPP loans became available, we told everyone we met,” adds Sean. “It didn’t matter if you banked with us or not. I wanted every business in my community that I frequent to know this financing was available and I wanted to help them get it—and we did.”


In truly difficult circumstances, gap financing can be a real challenge. If we can’t provide the funds you need we can often find an organization that can.

“We are a Maine bank with deep local roots and rich national resources,” Sean Daye says. “Our extended network includes strong relationships with the Finance Authority of Maine, the Small Business Association, the USDA, and other groups offering financing targeted to particular industries and business types. If we think your business can benefit from one of their specialized lending programs, we will pick up the phone on your behalf.”

The 2 most important things Maine business owners need to have always buttoned up? An all-weather, long-term partner - and a partner who understands business in Maine.

We’re that partner.
Pick up your phone.


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