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By following this link, you will be leaving Machias Savings Bank's website. You may CONTINUE on or STAY here at our website.


By following this link, you will be leaving Machias Savings Bank's website. You may CONTINUE on or STAY here at our website.


By following this link, you will be leaving Machias Savings Bank's website. You may CONTINUE on or STAY here at our website.


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Community Giving Overview

Machias Savings Bank shares the belief that strengthening and supporting the organizations that contribute to the economic and social well-being is good for the communities we serve. 

The Bank is committed to the support of non-profit organizations and activities that advance community development and improve the quality of life in our communities.

2019 Community Development Grant Charitable Contributions/Donations Sponsorships Business Development Activities Program Book Advertising


Our financial resources will be focused on the following:

  • Education
    Providing support for programs that promote continuing education with an emphasis on financial education.
  • Economic
    Providing support for initiatives that assist in the economic development, job creation and revitalization of the business community.
  • Housing
    Providing support for initiatives that promote decent, safe and affordable housing in our market areas
  • Culture and Arts
    Providing support for initiatives that promote the quality of life in our communities.
  • Health and Wellness/Human Services
    Providing support to initiatives that provide services to improve the quality of life and well-being in our communities.
  • Environmental and Preservation
    Providing support to initiatives that promote the preservation and conservation of our natural resources.

Machias Savings Bank’s Community Giving Policy is designed as a guide for the selection of recipients, and to establish the range and scope of contributions. It also provides a framework assuring the fair and objective evaluation of funding candidates. We prioritize funding to organizations that are based within counties where we do business and serve communities where we have a presence.

We support organizations through:

  • Charitable donations
  • Local event sponsorships
  • Business development activities
  • Advertising in event materials

Machias Savings Bank generally will not contribute to:

  • Special interest groups such as political, labor or religious groups
  • Multi requests within the same calendar year

2019 Community Development Grant

We are pleased to announce our 15th Annual Community Development Grant. The beneficiary(ies) of this award will have a deserving project(s) located or serving in Machias Savings Bank’s primary lending area, as defined in our CRA Public File. Our primary lending area shall, at a minimum, include all areas where a Machias Savings Bank location is present. Grant funds are generally awarded to several deserving applicants in various denominations throughout our service area. The total amount awarded will be $150,000 in honor of our 150th anniversary.

Machias Savings Bank’s goal is to fund projects that result in a satisfactory level of community development with an emphasis on projects that will benefit low-to-moderate income individuals and/or families. Ideally, grant funds will be awarded to projects or services that: create or retain jobs, revitalize communities within our service area, help to provide affordable housing or other programs designed to assist low-to-moderate income individuals and/or families.

2019 Scoring Guidelines

Deadline for applications is Monday, September 16th. Applications postmarked after this date will not be considered.

Mailing Address for Submitting Grants:

Machias Savings Bank
Attn: Melissa Moffett 4 Center Street, P.O. Box 318
Machias, ME 04654-0318


Applications may be emailed to, or delivered in person to any Machias Savings Bank location.

For a complete listing of locations with hours please visit:

Meet Last Year's Grant Recipients


Charitable Contributions/Donations

At Machias Savings Bank, we look for opportunities where moderate funding can affect significant results within the community. These contributions are used to provide assistance in support of a specific program or service. Opportunities that in turn give Machias Savings Bank CRA credit are highly favored (i.e. low-to-moderate income recipients and/or geographies, economic development, affordable housing.)

Note: Charitable contributions/donations are made only to qualified 501(C) 3 organizations

Funding priority is given to those projects which:

  • Support an established customer relationship between Machias Savings Bank and the requesting organization or individual.
  • Positively impact low and moderate income populations or support Machias Savings Bank Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) initiative.
  • Show evidence of employee interest and involvement that is more than just fundraising, but may include hands-on volunteerism.
  • Assist in promoting financial education and credit service information to the community. Approval process: Request form can be found on Machias Savings Bank’s website (

Approval Process

Please click below on the Donation Request Form to apply, and allow up to 60 days to process.
Donation Request Form


Sponsorships are payments made to any for-profit or not-for-profit organization for which Machias Savings Bank will receive marketing, public relations, and community relations value.

Examples of sponsorships include:

  • Road race
  • Arts festival or event
  • School sports team
  • Golf tournament
  • Fundraising dinner
  • Walk fundraiser

By participating in an event as a sponsor, Machias Savings Bank hopes to achieve the following goals to:

  • Maximize the Bank’s visibility in the community
  • Help position the Bank as a leader in the business community.
  • Entertain existing customers or prospects.
  • Introduce bank officers to potential new customers.
  • Raise money for the benefit of non-profits in the neighborhoods we serve.

Areas of Special Interest

Machias Savings Bank focuses sponsorship funding on a number of areas of interest. Examples of organizations that fall within these special interest areas include:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Children
  • Human Services
  • Arts and Culture
  • Schools/Education
  • Civic Groups
  • Economic Development

Approval Process

Form can be dropped off at local branch or mailed to:

Machias Savings Bank
PO Box 318
Machias, ME 04654

Please allow up to four weeks to process.
Donation Request Form

Business Development Activities

Business Development Activities include many different types of requests, such as:

  • Donations of premium items/giveaways with the Machias Savings Bank logo for sponsorship events
  • Donation of physical space within a branch lobby or community room for the staging of a community function or activity
  • Purchase of tickets or a full table for the purpose of entertaining customers or to support business and charitable events
  • Gifts/raffle prizes, or other in-kind donations

Approval Process

All requests for Business Development should be sent to the Branch Manager in the community where the organization is based. Branch Manager, Business Banker (if applicable) and Marketing will determine the level of sponsorship. Allow up to four weeks to process.

Program Book Advertising

From time to time, Machias Savings Bank will purchase program book ads for civic, school/educational, and nonprofit events for which we are not a corporate sponsor. In these instances, we are not receiving any publicity benefits other than the advertisement.

Request procedure for program book advertising

All requests for Program Book Advertising should be sent to the Branch Manager in the community where the organization is based. The request should include the nature of the program/event, deadline for advertising materials, ad specifications, contact information for where the ad should be sent, cost of the ad, etc. 


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