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User Guides

Digital Banking Tools That Work for Your Business!


Business Online Banking


ACH User Guide

Get to know how to send Automated Clearing House transfers right from your online banking.

Learn More About sending an ACH

ACH File Format

You can import a balanced NACHA format file to create an ACH Batch, or ACH Collection, or Payroll payment.

Learn More About ACH file format

ACH File CSV Format

You can import a list of recipients and amounts from a 5-column Comma Separated Values (CSV) file to add recipients and amounts to a new ACH Batch, or ACH Collection, or Payroll.

Learn More about the ACH file CSV format

Corporate Enrollment

Enroll your business in MSB Online by using our simple step by step process!

Learn More About enrollment in business online banking

Corporate Mobile Quickstart

Discover all the features of MSB Business Online on your mobile device!

Learn More About business online banking in our mobile app

Corporate Desktop Quickstart

Logging into the online banking environment is easy! Simply visit Machias Savings to log in and experience our Simple. Seamless. Secure. online banking experience.

Learn More About the business online banking desktop experience

Corporate Admin New User Checklist

Seamlessly set up a new user with these 6 steps.

Learn More About adding new users

Corporate Admin New User Guide

Within Business Online Banking admins can set up other users and assign user roles. This allows users to have different permissions and views of accounts.

Learn More About managing new users

Getting Started Guide - Tokens

Symantec Tokens offer an additional blanket of security for Corporate Online Banking Customers during the login process and while performing transaction authentication within MSB Online.

Learn More About getting started with access tokens

Corporate Setting Up User Roles

Easily manage user roles and permissions within User Management.

Learn More About user management

Merchant Capture Troubleshooting Scanner

Learn how to select which accounts you would like to see on the home screen, group your accounts how it makes sense to you, and nickname your accounts!

Learn More About troubleshooting your check scanner

Wire Transfer Report

Generating reports regarding Wire Transfers is now easier than ever for our Business and Corporate Customers!

Learn More About the wire transfer report
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