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Financial Health


Moving Maine Forward through Financial Health

Machias Savings Bank is advancing the financial health of Mainers-one person, one business, and one community at a time. In fact, it’s our mission. We believe that if we all work together to help improve the financial health of ourselves and our neighbors, we can Move Maine Forward. As an organization, and personally as bankers, we are committed to helping you achieve financial stability, security, independence and resilience. We want to see you prosper and live your best life.

Where are you on your journey to Financial Health? Vulnerable, Coping or Healthy?

To chart a course forward, you need to know your starting point. In financial health, that means knowing how you save, borrow, spend and plan. The better you are doing in these key areas, the more likely you are to become truly financial healthy.

Machias Savings Bank works with the Financial Health Network to give you a financial health assessment by answering just 13 survey questions. Your answers are part of a nationwide survey that gives you an accurate picture of how you are doing relative to others across the country. Your Financial Health Score will categorize your current financial health into one of the following three categories:

  • Financially Vulnerable-17% of Americans are struggling with all, or nearly all aspects of their financial lives.

  • Financially Coping-55% of Americans struggle with some, but not all, aspects of their financial lives.

  • Financially Healthy-28% of Americans are spending, saving, borrowing and planning in a way that will allow them to be resilient and pursue opportunities over time.

The survey also assesses your habits in the areas of saving, borrowing, spending and planning. These sub-scores tell the real story and provide a framework to begin moving the needle on your personal financial health.

Soon, you will be able to access our free survey online. In the meantime, contact one of our Financial Health Coaches to take the survey and use our free budgeting tools.

Start your Journey. Talk to one of our Financial Health Coaches.

We are currently developing virtual programs, tools, and services to assist you on your journey based on your overall Financial Health Score with an eye to spending, savings, borrowing, and planning, so check back often. In the meantime, take the following steps to begin your path to prosperity.

  • Financially Vulnerable-Reach out to area nonprofits who can connect you to income-eligible programs.

  • Financially Coping-Track your monthly income and expense to see patterns in your behavior. Prioritize your expenses beginning with food, clothing, transportation and shelter.

  • Financially Healthy-Review your emergency fund balance to ensure you have savings to cover six months of household expenses. Review your short term and long-term savings. Pay off your mortgage and other outstanding loans and make sure you have adequate insurance.

    Available Now: Contact Annette Lease, SVP Senior Financial Planning Officer for Fee-Only Financial Planning

Need help now?

We have Certified Financial Health Coaches at the ready to assist you on your path to prosperity. Contact them directly.

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